Protecting the future of Brazilian sports

The Associação Brasileira de Defesa da Integridade do Esporte’s (ABRADIE) mission is to safeguard the integrity and future of Brazilian sports.

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Sports are an essential part of Brazilian culture.

Fair competition and transparency are crucial to the success of Brazilian sports. As Brazil prepares regulations that will govern legalised sports betting, these values must be protected.

Failure to protect sports integrity:

Exposes sports to betting-related corruption
Undermines public trust in Brazilian sports
Threatens commercial revenues

Introducing ABRADIE

Brazilian sports are at a critical juncture. With match-fixing a growing issue in Brazil and ground-breaking legislation to govern legal sports betting imminent, it is pivotal that integrity is at the heart of the new market.

Discover ABRADIE’s mission

The Associação Brasileira de Defesa da Integridade do Esporte (ABRADIE) is a non-profit organisation.

ABRADIE’s principal goal is to protect consumers, players, teams, sports leagues and other key industry stakeholders against match-fixing and betting-related corruption.

ABRADIE members

ABRADIE brings together leading representatives from government, sports, law enforcement, sports betting and the legal profession including:

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Leading the Brazilian Integrity Summit

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On May 11, ABRADIE’s founders played a leading role at the 2nd Brazilian Sports Integrity Summit in Brasilia. This event provided a key platform to identify vital steps to protect Brazilian sports from betting-related corruption.

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