The need for action

Match-fixing and betting-related corruption are currently widespread across different levels of Brazilian sports. Immediate action must be taken to protect the security of Brazilian sports.

Every week, numerous matches in Brazilian sports are flagged for suspicious betting activity and require further investigation. No country in the world has triggered more football alerts than Brazil in 2023.

ABRADIE’s mission

Our association brings together a team of experts from sports, law enforcement, government, sports betting and other key industry stakeholders to develop a robust regulatory framework to safeguard the integrity of sport.

The association’s core objectives are to:

Educate key stakeholders on the challenges and consequences associated with match-fixing

Recommend the adoption of best practices to drive the adoption of robust integrity measures

Coordinate centralised integrity policies, becoming a single point of contact for all stakeholders

Serve as an independent national integrity unit to tackle corruption across all levels of Brazilian sports.

Provide bet monitoring technology, education and training to law enforcement, teams and other key government and sports stakeholders